Haiku: Thirty. – One Hit-Wondering by Graeme Sandford

Just hoping to catch those that missed this earlier – just sayin’ G;)

Graeme Sandford




Saturday Morning:
Up with the proverbial;
‘Not’ singing the Blues

‘Woke up this morning…
Da dada da da!’ I sing
No, I don’t really.

But, the Blues are cool –
If a little bit ‘moody.’
The ‘Whites’ are ‘Whiter!’

A song in my head;
Happy and full of lightness;
Wanting to be sung.

“As I walk this road
With my eyes upon the world
I see no evil.”

And now the chorus:
“There are blue skies overhead;
That is what I said.”

Not the best chorus;
But, it will do for the ‘mo!’
Which word means ‘moment’.

But, you knew that; yes?
Anyway, back to the plot;
Now, where was I at?

Oh, I remember!
Something about me singing;
With a song I go!

The words they must fit
The music, and vice versa;
The music the words.

That’s ‘Shakespearean’
In its true simplicity;
‘Suit the action to…’

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