Haiku: ‘Twenty-Nine – The End is Nigh! By Graeme Sandford


The End is in sight;
‘The End Is Nigh! The signs say;
The Buck, It Stops ‘Here!’

Which means – nearly done!
And only a few haiku left;
Less than a hundred!

It has been noticed
That not all of these haiku
Are of any worth.

It has been mentioned
That this has been no great shakes;
I can see that’s true.

So, I shall try here
To readdress the balance
With some ‘good’ haiku.

Here goes, wish me luck
(I may need a lot of that)
It all helps, you know.

What beauty has Earth?
How wonderful is Nature?
How lucky are we?

There! That wasn’t hard.
Let me catch my breath for more;
Just need a quick stretch.

In all we observe;
Is anything lovelier
Than the world we see?

Open to debate, there!
It is not quite that easy
To write ‘good’ haiku.

‘I wander’d lonely…’
Which has already been done –
But not in haiku!

‘Let me count the ways…’
One… two… three…. four…. and so on;
Until all counted.

‘My love is like a…’
Add the appropriate thing;
Then await the hugs.

Though if you put ‘pig!’
I won’t be answerable;
It’s your own sweet fault.

The Sea hath a charm;
It’s gentle tide soothes my mind;
It’s fierceness, grounds me.

A new born camel
Is cute and it’s quite cuddly;
But, when grown up – not!

To write a haiku
Is not all that difficult;
But, how good is it?

Do I demean them?
Are they not worthy of more?
Where is my camel?

Which is a ‘Why-ku’ –
And ‘What?’ I hear you asking,
‘Is the point of one?’

Well, to be precise;
Which is how they should all be –
I just make them up.

And funny poems;
They are the most popular;
By far, oo-la-lar!

Thou some would here say:
“Haiku: they are ‘serious!’
Do not degrade them!”

I apologise
To those to whom I do seem
To be a big lout.

I here assure them
That my love of poetry
Makes me do these things.

I’m just being me;
Doing what it is I do
In my own strange way.

‘All’ publicity,
In my humble opinion,
For ‘poems’ is good.

The ‘haiku’ needs you!
As General Haig once said,
In some other time

Other dimension,
Or parallel universe;
Or didn’t – who knows?

The point is: ‘haiku’
Are just tiny thought patterns
In poetical form!

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