Haiku: ‘Eighteen’ types of Haiku by Graeme Sandford


You can have ‘more’ than
18 Types of Haiku, but…
You can’t have fewer!

1. A Why-ku

‘What’ is a Why-ku?
And ‘why’ am I asking you?
And ‘when’ is one due?

2. A My-ku

It is mine, mine, mine!
And it is all about me!
It’s all mine you see!

3. A Sigh-ku

I wish I could fly;
Was taller, and prettier;
‘If only…’ and ‘what if…’

4. A Lie-ku

This is no haiku;
It has too few syllables;
And is in Spanish!

5. A Shy-ku

I’m ‘not’ coming out.
Somebody might just see me;
And I don’t want that.

6. A DIY-ku

Pop a shelf up here;
A lick of paint on the door;
It’s as good as new.

7. A Sty-ku

Oink! Where’s my litter;
Pinky, Perky, and the rest?
Nothing but a squeak!

8. A Fry-ku

Sizzling in a pan;
Wild mushrooms from the forest-
I hope they are safe!

9. A Sly-ku

I’m a fox, you know;
Russet red and bushy tail;
Where is Brer Rabbit?

10. A Don’t-Ask-Me-Why-ku

Because I don’t know;
Because that’s just how it is;
Because I say so.

11. A Spy-ku

See my sunglasses?
Catch a glimpse of my shadow?
Then, it is too late.

12. A Cry-ku

Ouch! It really hurt!
And now… ‘I Want My Mummy!’
She’ll kiss it better.

13. A Forgive-Me-I-Have-To-Fly-ku

Sorry, I can’t wait!
I’m supposed to be there now!
I’ll catch you later!

14. A Live-And-Let-Die-ku

Shaken, and not stirred;
James Bond, Double-O-Seven-
At your service, Miss.

15. A Poke-In-The-Eye-ku

“Don’t knock it, my lad;
It’s better than a sharp stick
In your eye socket!”

16. A Pie-In-The-Sky-ku

“We could beat them all!”
“What! All four million of them?
There’s just ‘five’ of us.”

17. An I’m-Just-That-Sort-Of-Guy-ku

Zaphod Beeblebrox;
An ultra-cool frood, he is;
With a Heart of Gold.


18. An I-Don’t-Mean-To-Pry-ku

Is that a new one?
Can I ask what it is for?
How much did it cost?

One response to “Haiku: ‘Eighteen’ types of Haiku by Graeme Sandford

  1. As a haiku fan, this was hilarious. Lol.

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