Haiku: ‘Seven’ by Graeme Sandford


The Seventh sun of…

A ‘normal’ week with seven…

Days in it. What fun!

Seven dwarves – oh, no!

That is not PC at all; /

Now one is grumpy; // (

Seventh place in race /

Doesn’t get a podium – /

Just the taking part. //

Seven Cs in words /

That are too long to write here – /

Or just don’t exist. //

The Seven Winders /

Of a strange mechanism, /

That needs winding… lots! //

The seventh haiku, /

That is placed sixth – in order / –

To confuse people. //

The Seven Ages… /

Of Man – as Shakespeare did write, /

Before ‘his’ death scene. ///

NB try as I might, the edit feature refuses to let me put this as 7 haikus – sorry for the strange look, but I have now separated the lines and the haikus with slashes and double-slashes – normal service may be resumed. G;)

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