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A Day in Hong Kong (Part2)

A Day in Hong Kong (Part the Two) – and I’m Lovin’ It!

Which translates as ‘you can’t beat our coffee and pastries for mouthfeel!’

It should say ‘for taste’ which is what they mean

Which is a lot better than some of the translations we’ve seen

But, I like the thought of ‘mouthfeel’

And a mouthful of mouthfeel is just the bee’s knees at this ‘turn of the wheel!’

At this ‘Moment’

Anyway, we have gifts gathered from ye olde gifte shoppe

With its authentic HonkKongese feel and it’s decor quite choppy

(Well, it was based on the theme of the Titanic)

With much that is Chinese and nothing Hispanic

And crew and passengers cast in bronze

Littering gangways and manning the lifeboats, where a passenger dons

A life-saver, life-belt, a ‘call-it-what-you-will’

If we don’t board the lifeboats we’ll be stranded at the till

Erstwhile crew make the old old cry of
‘Women and children first…
It’s safer now to fly!’

But, enough of this tomfoolery
Enough of this tripe

We buy a few trinkets, but not jewellery, and watch pedestrians Skype

All is busy on the streets of Hong Kong
Traders and masked pedestrians have a laugh a Tsing-Tsong,
A plethora of foodstuffs all ready for sale
There are vendors aplenty with meats – shark or whale? –
And the smells of the spices get right up your nose
With 5 of them Chinese and many more, I suppose.

Then off to the city, where all is increased, the people, the vehicles
The noise and the smell
And everyone hurries along with intent – as far as I can tell.


A Day in Hong Kong (Part the One)

A Day in Hong Kong (Part the One).


1stMay 2014

A Day in Hong Kong (Part the One)

A Day in Hong Kong (Part the One)

If I were in England now
– Which I’m not –
The day outside would appear grey
And drab and not that hot.
But this is Hong Kong!
And I know that it’s warm
And humid outside…
Oh, yes.

One misty, moisty morning, just as the sun was up there somewhere…

And travelling the streets of this smoggy city
Is fun – and we know that somewhere above is the sun

There is a hustle
And a bustle
As workmen lash bamboo scaffolding together with string
And shops begin to rise after their late-night early-morning trading

On the MTR, though, it is clean
And efficient
And clean
And, did I mention

Back on the street the word is ‘Excuse me,sir…’

And, no, I do not want to buy a suit…
Neither do I need a watch.
Or a suit… Or a watch…
No, thank you, I’m not a suit-wearing man
Ready this afternoon, you say…
How nice, but, please take my advice
As a refusal often offends
Don’t ask me if I’d like to buy a suit…
Or a watch… As I don’t
And I won’t…

So, on to the Ferry across the Mersey…. Oops, got that wrong.
Hong Kong Harbour it is and not the place of the aforementioned song.

Wrong Song!

Seu Lon Qew

So, long queue for the Peak Tram to reach the heights
To rise up above the smog and see the…
Smog from above!

But, we are trying up use every form of transport that is available to us.
Tram and train, ferry and bus, using our Oyster Card – here it’s an Octopus!
Walking is an option, feet to the ground
If an escalator to terra firma – that we are seeking –
Can ever be found.

Lunch; and as translating menus can take up such time,
We choose Vietnamese food – because, the element of supplies is no crime.