Playing ping-pong with King-Kong in Hong Kong
Had left me needing a little pick-me-up
So, I headed off for a green tea and some Tai-chi, though some would disagree about that possibility.

Well refreshed and washed and brushed I resumed my sporting endeavours

And, later, with all javelins hurled, lakes swum and winning anthems hummed along to,

I decided that my efforts were worthy of a large cool glass of lemonade – made from best grade lemons and first class bubbles

Then, my troubles really began; for one man alone cannot drink a gallon of lemon-based pop…

Or, he too, may go POP!

And once you pop you just can’t…
Well, you know… stop.

And the day then passed in a merry wonder of laughter and fun

Like a ‘happy ever after’ and a ‘look what I dun!’ combined

Whether they wanted to be or not.

“What?” I hear you ask “Are you waffling on about?”

I have no doubt that when it is all sorted out, you’ll shout “oh, I get it ; you were doing a stream-of-consciousness poem and that’s why it’s rubbish!”

Which is not the best comment upon my work that I’ve ever had. (but, maybe the most frequent)

Which is probably why – no matter how hard you try – no sense here will you espie.

PS – No refund of time spent reading this will be offered – always read the small print – if you have any small print proffered – which you haven’t.




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