Favouritism (Version B)

Where the Bee sucks
When the Bee stings
Two different stories
One is and one is not on my list of favourite things.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring
And if tomorrow can sing a differing tune
To the one that I howl at the full of the moon?

Not that I can charm the bees to a quietness of ease
That is dizzy and woozy on a hazy reprise
From the rush and the hustle that is a normal-day bustle
A bee is and does and has a purpose to achieve
If that purpose is not achieved then a bee has to decide
Whether to be a Bee or not to be a Bee
That is the question that he will ask himself
Time and time again

While Bees everywhere work merrily at their labours singing:

“Do bee do bee doo…

Do do bee do bee… “




One response to “Favouritism (Version B)

  1. Reblogged this on Graeme Sandford and commented:

    I forgot that I wrote this – and nobidy elsr noticed that I had – here it is again G;)

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