April the Eighth – A Fairy Tale (with a different take upon it)

little-red-ridinghood 2


‘Little-Read Riding Hood was going through the forest one day;
Traveling to the big town to try to take out a library book,
She was well aware that she was supposed to have many scary adventures along the way;
And, that an evil wolf would be scouting the forest with a drooling hunger and a suspicious look…
…about him.
But, Little-Read was brave and not faint of heart – like most small, illiterate people in a wild and wolf-weary wood, would tend to be.
She was wearing a blue coat, which had a yellow hood with blue trimmings – which was rather fetching, she thought.
It ‘was’ a family tradition to wear outlandish clothes that they had bought…
…from charity shops.
And, what with her orange DMs, she looked a right state – quite out of place in the Autumnal forest of this tale.
However, she was a free spirit and whistled a happy tune as she walked jauntily along the woodland path until a leafy dale…
…she did enter. There was a Woodcutter’s Cottage; but, he had left it many years before – so, ‘he’ wouldn’t be saving anybody…
…anytime soon.
The wily wolf was wandering; wondering wolfishly (as wolves will tend to do) when weather-wise the wain (sorry) the rain began to fall like a wolf howling at the moon.
(Which is a dreadfully inaccurate simile for this precipitous occurrence) – The rain fell as only rain can; upon his head, upon Little Read, and upon anyone, anywhere – wolf… or man…
…in that area.
Suffice to say, Little Read decided to shelter in the Woodcutter’s Cottage until it stopped raining; and the wolf took refuge in the hollow trunk of a tree –
Where he mesmerised himself with the echoing of his voice until he faded away like the echo of a wolf’s voice will fade from thee
Little Read did get to the library before it closed (or was closed for good by the mean councilors) and learned to read the great novels of her timel
And there was one that she liked…
…a great deal…
…and that was a story she read again and again…
It was about a little girl, a wolf and a shower…
…of rain.’

One response to “April the Eighth – A Fairy Tale (with a different take upon it)

  1. A book, a book, my basket full of cookies for a book!

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