Courting Poem

[u][b]A Courting Poem[/b][/u] by me

It’s harder than Chess,

is this courting game;

You show her a picture

then tell her your name;

Ask if she likes rugby,

sky-diving or fishing;
Then spend a conversation

in txt speak just wishing

That you could look into her eyes

and just see how she feels;

But, there is etiquette and there are rules,

before you make deals;

It’s not rocket science –

a woman, a man;

Testing each other

to see if they can…

Believe what they say,

trust what they do;

And how soon is acceptable

to say ‘I love you’

Dating is crazy,

connections not made;

Getting to know someone,

then “no!” And they fade

Back into the pack,

just a joker is left;

And yet again we find

ourselves alone and bereft.

To shuffle the cards

and start all over again.


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