To All the Hours I’ve Blobbed Before…

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My Blooming Creative Business Journey


I’ve been beating myself up! This has been going on for far too long and has, in fact, become a deeply ingrained and not very pretty, habit…

No… I haven’t been bopping myself about the head or giving myself a swift kick to the shins! No bruises, no scratches, no outward signs… just a crushing sense of inadequacy and yuckiness about the way I often behave.

You see, I waste time, I procrastinate, dela, put things off, don’t do things at all,sleep when I’m low but should be doing other, far more productive, things.

And there lies the issue, that little word, “should”… I once made myself a promise to never use the word, ever again, but here I am finding myself telling myself on an almost daily basis, “you should be doing blah bah blah blah…instead of mooching around and blobbing out.”

This week I watched a video blog…

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