Nobody’s Prefect (my autobiography)

nobodys prefect

Nobody’s Prefect

(my autobiography)

I’ve made mistakes – a few!
But, not too few to mention.
This would be a pretty dull curfew
Without the element of a third dimension.

If only I’d learnt from the bridges
That I’d burnt!
If I could go back and turn time.
If this poem ended with a happy rhyme.

What’s gone has gone and won’t return;
But still comes back to haunt my waking hours;
Where are the healing powers?
Where the light to shine my way?

I exist, that’s to say I am, but find it hard to feel,
Every hurt I ever gave or received has engraved its mark
And on Destiny’s Wheel I turn
And await a glimmer of the suggestion of a spark.

And every day is like the last,
as its very presence becomes its past,
And as my life slowly ticks towards an end…
I hold inside a heart that will not mend.

One response to “Nobody’s Prefect (my autobiography)

  1. Raises glass to the end of NaPoWriMo! Beautiful poem x

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