Forth – 04-04-2013 by Graeme Sandford

The Good Book said that ‘Moses came forth’;
And, ‘On the third day, The Lord Jesus arose’.
But, as we await His second coming,
Let me ask you this, first:
Is there such a thing as a Phoenix-Rose?

Anyway, Jesus was a carpenter,
And birds would suddenly appear
When He was near.
Also, when Jesus Saves –
Is Kevin Keegan still there to score from the rebound?

Which leads me to query: ‘Am I an atheist or a theist,
Questioning the answers?
Or am I one of the dancers,
Dancing to the same old tune,
By the light of a silvery moon?’

I have so much stored in my head
It leaves me full of dread to think…
That’s it – just to think!
And, in the blink of an eye,
I would often wonder why big girls don’t cry.

Suddenly, I see, why you mean so much to me –
But that is a digression; almost an obsession.
I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky.
I am considered a weird sort of guy. Why?
Well, I tend to think laterally and when laying down.
The law states that this should not be so. Oh!
I hear myself cry; and, yet, I didn’t even know that I was sad.

So, as I Sally forth, June third, Elizabeth second, May firstly, I say:
How tickled, I am; or is that like preferring marmalade to jam?
My association with words is truly a lie.
I’m not a word-monger, or a Thomas-the-Rhymer sort of guy!
It’s just that, although rude, I like to play with my food.
And words are my nourishment, my joie de vivre,
Words on the page of my favouritest libre,
And, yes, I do partake of foreign bon mots,
What’s wrong with that – le rug sur le chat!

Finally, you’ll be pleased to hear,
I do speak allowed the words 4 2 hear.
As 1 doz, or would to twelve angry men,
6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other,
Like sister to brother, to tell one each another,
That if you stop speaking, you’ll have time to think,
And if you do too much thinking, your witticisms will shrink, or grow,
Or not.
What? I ask you, as there’s nobody here but us,
Do you think?


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