‘Wonky Words’

Just to let you know that ‘Wonky Words’ is now available on Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon.

My latest (mainly poetry) poetry book, is raising funds for @TheSanctuaryAngels who provide Angel grants to sanctuaries, animal shelters (and the like) all around the world.

Almost 90 pieces of hand-crafted work are within. Some of my photographs, and a few of my drawings accompanying the words – but don’t let my artwork put you off.

Please check it out at Amazon, download a free sample, write me a letter of complaint, go for a walk, be your own best friend, hug a toy hippo (real ones are a bit large for hugging).

Here is the link: https://amzn.eu/d/gfAes71

Take care; but, most of all… take care.

mis Genver

mis Genver

to start the new year

(an nowydh bledhen)

y’n Kernewek, my a scrifa,

y’n Kernow, I write.

Skrifer ov vy.

Prydydh ov vy.



mis = month

mis Genver = January

Genver = Venus

an nowydh bledhen = the new year

y’n Kernewek = in Cornish

y’n Kernow = in Cornwall

Skrifer ov vy = I am a writer

Prydydh ov vy = I am a poet

Meurastahwi! = Thank you!

The winter runs clear

The Winter runs clear

like a river it is here,

until the Spring breaks.

dy’Sul Haiku

dy’Sul at week’s end,

dydh da, sos – my Sunday friend;

Gerlyow attend.




A mix of Kernewek and English, with layers of meaning and rhymes combining both.


dy = a contraction of ‘dydh’ = day

dy’Sul = Sunday

Sul = the Sun

dydh = day

da = good

dydh da = hello! / Good day!

sos = friend

Gerlyow = words

Across the lake

Across the lake

was the Lake House –

my home –

but, could I reach it

before I blurred out of existence


The answer, no.

So, discreetly,

I chose to just fade

and go.

The sky above me

The sky above me

Said she loved me –

I woke up screaming,

I must’ve been dreaming;

and, here it must be revealed –

I woke up in a field.

A cold winter’s day

It was on a cold winters day

(not a hot winters day,

for that would be silly)

and cold and winter go together;

our winter is their summer;

their summer is our winter;

our spring is their autumn;

our autumn is their spring;

our autumn is their fall;

their fall is confusing –

that’s all I have to say

upon the matter –

anyway, back to the poem.


It was on a cold winter’s day

that I dreamt Spanish summers ¡O’le!


Was it worth the wait? 🙂

Four thumbs and one finger on each hand

What if I had

four thumbs and one finger

on each hand?

,Well, I would be a freak throughout the land;

but, if everybody had

four thumbs and one finger

on each hand…

Three hungry pigeons

Three hungry pigeons,

pecking at the ground,

their hunger never satisfied,

by the scarcity they found.

Old string vest

The gulls flew east,

and the gulls flew west;

I stood there watching them

In my old string vest.


Until, the police came along

and arrested me –

well, it was just a careless oversight, you see;

I wanted to see the gulls flying east,

and the gulls lying west,

and all I managed to put on

was my old string vest –



Glorious birds of the sea,

that mean so much to me;

in picture caught,

as only ought

to be.