The Seagull Espies

The Seagull Espies

A seagull espied my pasty today;

I saw him; then he saw me, he looked away;

he circled around to take me unaware;

but, I, my pasty, was unwilling to share, so I followed his path,

kept a watch on his place;

he thought for a while,

then a smile came to his face –

and he flew off.

A minute later, there was a cough

right behind me, I turned to look,

a decoy, I beheld, the oldest trick in the book;

and there was my pasty,

gone, in the blink of an eye –

and the two hungry seagulls

laughed, and I did cry.


Front-End Rhyming?

Front-End Rhyming?

Scoop of ice-cream;

swoop of crow;

sweep of chimney;

swipe of card;

wipe of eyes;

whip of walnut;

ship of fools;

shape of things to come;

shop of horrors;

chop of karate;

chip of block;

chap of style;

clap of thunder;

clop of hoof;

slap, slap, slap

of finality.

Fleur de Lit Poetry Café’s ‘April Fool’s Free Poetry Competition’

Fleur de Lit Poetry Café’s

‘April Fool’s Free Poetry Competition’

A funny poem?

A humorous rhyme?


Just plain silly?

Send your original poem -and your contact details – by email to:

or post it to:

Poetry Competition 1




PL14 3LP

Rules: Free entry

Max no. of lines: 40.

Prize: Book Token to the value of £10

Closing date: 30th April at Midnight.

Winner to be advised by May 16th.

All decisions to be final – it’s all for fun.

NB If deemed suitably funny enough, may we possibly print your poem in a poetry Pamphlet? Yes 🔲 or No 🔲 please tick the appropriate box.

Salute To Poets!

A penumbra of poetry – is that the right word? No? Okay, a number of poems. G:)

Giggles & Tales

Find below, blogs where you can read great poems, in different themes and genres.

It’s World Poetry Day!

Kudos to the world’s poets who are versed in all genres of poetry.

Kudos to all those prolific poetry writers.

Kudos to all those who teach poetry.

Kudos to all those who enjoy reading and encouraging budding poets.

To all lovers of poetry and poetry enthusiasts…

Happy World Poetry Day.

In no particular order, I celebrate you all. 

And kindly don’t take it personally if your blog is not included here. Another day will come.

Thank you. 


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World Poetry Day 2019

See here for picture and text

Happy WPD2019!

A Thursday in March

A Thursday in March

It’s a Thursday;

well, as days go –

and they do –

it’s the only Thursday that matters

at the moment.

I mean, when tomorrow (Friday)


today (Thursday)

will be condemned to the past – history –

and we will all have moved on.

Anyway, it’s Thursday,

and that means…

well, it means different things

to different people,


Happy Thursday;

hope it meets all your expectations –

if you have any –

expectations, that is –

about ‘this’ ‘current’ Thursday.

‘This must be Thursday,’ said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer. ‘I never could get the hang of Thursdays.’

Never Say ‘Ribbit’ in a Boat

Never Say ‘Ribbit’ in a Boat

There is an old Cornish saying,

that I once heard an old Cornishman saying, and it is:

‘Never say ‘Ribbit’ in a boat;

or ‘Rabbit’ or ‘Robot’. ‘


Well, I know not;

but, I think it’s because

it’s a bad habit to have

and it will inhibit

those others

who inhabit

the boat in question –

perhaps it affects their digestion.

Hold on, my memory jogs…

… was it something to do with dogs?