Meanwhile, I take a little break

Out of breath
I take a rest
And bide a while
For, to bide is best;
But, what is ‘to bide?’
I ask
And set myself upon another task
I hit G**gle and insert ‘to bide’
Hold on to your hats
It’s going to be some kinda ride!
No, that was silly
I was just being a fool
For ‘To bide’ is to stay somewhere
For a while – perhaps, where it’s cool;
And if you are happy to abide along with me
In your humble abode
Then this is another word that we can upload.

I must just say, here, today,
That I just can’t abide all these new words that now occur
In my arena, like Ben Hur,
Racing around the language world
To arrive breathlessly (like me)
At my doorstep for tea
Like thirteen dwarves
In search of a burglar named me.

Socks For The Wearing (a gentle parody)

“Socks For The Wearing”

These are my socks for the wearing
I change them before they
Get smelly, they’ve lasted a while

This is my short for the wearing
I like it, the cool shade of grey
I’ve been wearing all my life

Thinking about this, I’m quite mad
Thinking it over, I’m dangerous and bad
Apart from the ‘dangerous’ and ‘bad’ thing

Ask me and I will say
That I’m not Squirrel Nutkin… today.



“Song For The Asking” by Paul Simon

Here is my song for the asking
Ask me and I will play
So sweetly, I’ll make you smile

This is my tune for the taking
Take it, don’t turn away
I’ve been waiting all my life

Thinking it over, I’ve been sad
Thinking it over, I’d be more than glad
To change my ways for the asking

Ask me and I will play
All the love that I hold inside

Tea? What was the question? Part 2.

Still Me by Me

“Ping! Your five minutes are up. Please insert another coin to continue this stream of consciousness.”

Another coin?What does that voice mean

Am I just a poetry creating machine

Are my rhymes just sourced from a silicon chip

That microanalyses what rhyme would be happening, hip

In any given circumstance?

Is there just an algorithm 

Waiting to be used?

I find the concept confusing

And I get nervous when confused;

Give me a break

Give me a chance

I don’t need this pressure on…

I think that may be a song

I think that my mind has gone wrong

I may melt down soon

I don’t think it will be long

Before stasis assumes a mantle upon me 

And I shut down all systems to try and contain

The ache in my diodes

The pain in my brain…
Normal service will be resumed…

Tea? What was the question? Part 1.


Me by Me – G:)

I don’t like tea
It does nothing for me
I like coffee
It sets me free…
Well, it sets my mind free
To race about
And have ideas
This and that
And then some more
Until I have so many ideas
Buzzing inside my head
That I overload
And fall down dead –
Which is obviously not true
As honest as the fact that I am stood right here in front of you
Which I am not
But, you know what I mean
I think of things that are obscure and yet
I’m so surprised that no one else has thought of them
I bet that I am the only person in the world that has created a poetic form called a Badriomaku
Which, for me, is the norm
And who’s to say
That I may
Or may not
In time
Create another rhyme
That is credible
And highly edible
To those that have a taste
For that sort of thing.

“Ping! Your five minutes are up.
Please insert another coin to continue this stream of consciousness.”



A show of hands from all you nutty ones out there!

J 🙂



I have written a plethora of things lately

but, not a plɛθ(ə)rə –

for that would have been silly.

A Few Words of Advice


This poem is called ‘A Few Words of Advice’

Cover your ears now.

And then you won’t have to hear…
And you won’t have to jeer…
My words;
Because, if you don’t hear them
You will not have to know
How bad they were
And you will not feel the woe
That you would feel if you had heard the words.

So, my advice to you is:
Cover your ears before you hear this
And perhaps, I now state, you should have closed your eyes instead
As you have now had the misfortune to read
What is before you
And that may just tip you over the edge