“Shall we go Parranda, Miranda?”

“Shall we go Parranda, Miranda?”

“Shall we go Parranda, Miranda?”

asked Prospero, with a wry smile.

“Father, you are all a lather,

if you think we can spend a while

in doing so. The answer, it is, ‘No!’ “

My son, Noah.

My son, Noah,

is building a boat…

I wish he’d get a proper job,

to keep this family afloat.


My son Noah,

Is predicting some rain;

and he’s saving up for that rainy day,

he’s being such a pain.


And, now, he want’s a puppy –

in fact he’s wanting two.

He’s never wanted a pet before,

what is a parent to do.


And then he says he wants to go to sea,

to sail the ocean blue,

but we reckon he’ll be seasick,

before he’s left the quay.


Our son, Noah,

is building a boat,

and it’s gonna be a big one,

judging by the cheque that I just wrote.

The Parrot and the Cat

Parrot and Cat

sat still upon the mat,

that they ‘had’ been told to stay on ;

Parrot had grumbled about it,

Cat had just relaxed,

‘It is what it is.’ said the Cat,

and nonchalantly taxed herself not a bit.

The Parrot went over all the things he would say,

when released from the confines, they were;

he’d many a fine word,

that at odd times he had heard,

that would embarrass a mangy old cur.


However, Cat was soft,

and began to purr,

so Parrot lay down beside her;

and, soon, they were softly snoring,

happily, a thing upon which the both of them could concur.

Bee Kind

It isn’t difficult to be kind

to bee kind,

and you really don’t

have to be cruel

to gruel;

or leave a friend behind

when they are unable to find

a spring with which to unwind;

and many a worm will turn

from doing evil

to a passing weevil;

it’s not hard

to discard

the loyalty card

when it’s full to bursting,

in return for a Grecian urn,

if you are owed two,

or none at all

by a tall nun.

So, be kind,

and bee kind

will bee fine.

Nothing means nothing (from a song that I am working upon).

Nothing means nothing to some people,

And some people mean nothing to me.

A Bee and a Butterfly went to Sea.

A Bee and a Butterfly went to sea

in a dark blue sailing boat;

whilst on the sea,

they drank green tea,

and had no adventures to note.


But, on the way back,

the sky turned black,

the boat capsized and sank.

‘Oh, no!’ you cried, ‘They must have died!

Or what Saviour can we thank?’


However, the Bee and the Butterfly

did not die,

they simply flew away,

to sail again, upon glistening seas,

on some such other day .

There was a B

There was a ‘B’,

an ‘e’

and another ‘e’.

All flying around my head.

It didn’t bother me…


Letters are harmless,

because – here’s the thing –

unlike Bees,

they just don’t sting.

The Cat’ and the Apostrophe

The Cat’ and the Apostrophe

was never going to end well.

Moth Myth

Contrary to myth, a moth never seeks for fame.

Looe Island Haiku

This is Looe Island,

it looks like a schoolboy’s cap,

and the gulls live there.

The ‘R’ Word

Never say the ‘R’ word*

when afloat, or upon a boat,

it might send your hungry mutt overboard;

though, if completely wet,

they can only get drier –

and they will still be adored,

at home, in front of the drying fire.


• = R*b*i*