The Day My Muse Blew A Fuse.

The Day My Muse Blew A Fuse.

I had to write something –

I just had to;

and then my muse

blew a fuse

(which is liable to confuse

the best of us,

never mind the rest of us).

So, here I stand,

in the dark,

fiddling with muse wire

at the muse box,

and I have the wrong type of screwdriver –


I guess I shall just have to wait

until the light of dawn,

as I hesitate to reinstate

the power that fuels my thought –

even though I ought.


From The Village – 1

From The Village – 1

Here comes our noble Chairman,

running round the block;

he only wears one trainer,

and a very holy sock;

nothing else at all

to hide us from the shock

of the very noble Chairman,

who is running round the block.

“It’s Puzzle Weather!”

“It’s Puzzle Weather!”

Here comes Tony,

Here comes Heather,

Here they come again;

it’s puzzle weather.

Every time it’s rains,

it’s always the same

here comes Tony,

here comes Heather;

“Have you got a game?

It’s puzzle weather!”

Night-Time Writings (4 ideas from within the dark of the night.

Night-Time Writings (4 ideas from within the dark of the night.


These are the gang from Abadare,

Vince and Freddie, and one not there;

Veronica, Simon, and Ned the ghost,

their motto seems to be, ‘In bread we toast’.



In the beginning was the word;

just before the word was the letter;

and just after the word was the phrase,

‘Oh, my God!’ or ‘All my days!’



Audience: Who doesn’t love a rhetorical question?



The skink,

I think,

just does not blink,

he stares and stares

and dares you to outstare him.

The skunk,

on the other hand,

is thunk

to blunk a lot.


Isabella – a song.

Isabella – a song.


1st verse




necessary on a bike.

2nd verse

Not necessara

Not necessara

Not necessarily;

you can have a parpy horn,

if you like

NB the song could stop after the first verse, or the second verse could be distanced by some time from the first, or it could be sung all in one go. Choices!

Dodo (do do)

Dodo (do do)

I do do like a dodo;

or I dodo like a do do;

I am never really sure.

One day I will know who it is that I am,

and what it is I’m for.

The happy / sad Bat Limerick

The happy / sad Bat Limerick

There once was a bat, upside down

whose smile was perceived as a frown;

she now cries as she hangs,

people shy from her fangs

and call her a miserable clown.