“There’s a lot of it about!”

“There’s a lot of it about!”

Out is not


and In

is not Out.

Be aware, of this viewpoint;

for there are dissenters about ,

who swear that the difference between Black and White

is a Grey area…

that Left is Right –

when seen from an opposing direction;

and nothing can become something –

as in when you add words to a blank page…

like in this case.


The Cribbarwocky!

The Cribbarwocky!

See here for a picture of The Cribbarwocky!

Beware of the Cribbar, my son;

it’s a danger to all and to some;

taller than a house

and faster than a stationary cupboard;

its bite may remove your head,

which will later be discovered

some ways away upon the shore,

leaving you, dead.


Beware of the Cribbar, my boy;

to it, you and your board are a toy;

it will play with your bones;

and, butter no scones,

your ending won’t be so much joy.


Beware of the Cribbar, you fool;

your danger is feeling too cool;

smugness and pride,

as the Cribbar you ride,

determines that you are a tool.


Beware of the Cribbar…

too late!

The Cribbar has decided your fate.






Soon December


Then January


And February


and soon…


and so on…



When I grew up I wanted to be a Pundertaker.

Or a Pundamentalist.

Maybe a Punderwriter

or a Man from P.U.N.C.L.E.

Little Tommy Crankshaft and Suzy Socket-Set.

Little Tommy Crankshaft and Suzy Socket-Set.

Little Tommy Crankshaft sang for his supper;

but, he didn’t sing all that well

and just had bread and butter.

His sister Suzy Socket-Set, she had an angel’s voice –

she found it in the street one day,

and really had no choice

but to pick it up and try it out –

it fitted her quite nicely –

and now she sings

and her singing brings

forth all the rats and mice

leaving none in the houses at all.

So, she led them away

for a year and a day

and they were seen no more.

My Prompt For Today?

My Prompt For Today?

Where is my prompt for today?

The thing that will jump into my path –

It must be on its way.

The anticipation is eagerly anticipated,

the expectation is expected soon;

shall it be brought by the bounteous birds

who sing by the light of the Moon?

Nah! Too late for that, the Dawn Chorus has passed us by.

How about when I’m walking the dogs, I can be found on the lanes;

inspiration can hit me then,

or at least the inkling of an idea,

a morsel, a tidbit, some grains.

Oh, where is my prompt for today?

“Roll / Role” prompt – #SoCS @LindaGHill

“Roll / Role” prompt – #SoCS @LindaGHill

SoCS ‘Roll / Role’ prompt. See Here For More Details

It may be that I have a role in life, or it may be that I have a roll for lunch – I never know which.

And who can say, without using words, what the point is of a pencil.

I know, that’s a very old joke – but I am a very old joke myself; so that is allowed.

When I grew up I wanted to be a pundertaker! Well, no, I didn’t; but, as I’d written that line down earlier today, I thought I’d use it. I’m glad that I did. Or am I?

It’s just the same old rigmarole when it comes to creating the next new idea or thought – it’s no stroll in the garden – stroll, get it? Okay.

I suppose that I am just able to controll my punitising to reasonable levels – it seems like I am waiting for parole when I could be out on bail.

That was quite convoluted. A bit flakey – like a sausage roll, the Rolls Royce of breakfast items – or maybe the Morris Minor – whichever, it would be playing a minor role that I would really like to watch – like a Rolex.

Is that enough? I may just have run out of role / roll thoughts – how droll?

I shall end here with only 9:13 of my 10 minutes used.