‘Wonky Words’ and ‘The Warm Yellow Custard Lake (and other stories)

Plus, some of my e-books are now available on Amazon – just seek Graeme Sandford there and you shall find them/ G:)

Just to let you know that ‘Wonky Words’ and ‘The Warm Yellow Custard Lake (and other stories) are now available on Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon.

My latest (mainly poetry) poetry book ‘Wonky Words’ is raising funds for @TheSanctuaryAngels who provide Angel Grants to sanctuaries, animal shelters (and the like) all around the world.

Almost 90 pieces of hand-crafted work are within. Some of my photographs, and a few of my drawings accompanying the words – but don’t let my artwork put you off.

‘The Warm Yellow Custard Lake (and other stories)’ shows how my mind works when a short story is the thing, Many stories upon many diverse subjects. There should be something here to suit every taste – and there be a dragon, too!

Please check them out at Amazon, download a free sample, write me a letter of complaint, go for a walk, be your own best friend, hug a toy hippo (real ones are a bit large for hugging).

Here is the link for ‘Wonky Words’: https://amzn.eu/d/gfAes71

and here is a link for ‘The Warm Yellow Custard Lake (and other stories)’: https://amzn.eu/d/cpUqPN4

Take care as you read; but, most of all… read

Sunday Morn

I was born

on a Wednesday Morn,

not a Sunday one;

I don’t know why

I should tell the lie,

that I was born

on a Sunday Morn.


Perhaps my being born

on a Wednesday Morn

is also a lie;

but why lie

about something like that?

It doesn’t really matter when,

the day of my birth is such old hat.


A sgonau walked into a bar,

looked around,

translated itself into Cornish,

and then it was skonsen!


Sgonau: Scone (Welsh)

Skonsen (Cornish)

Have I a word for you?

If it came down to it,

a word might be just enough,

when all you need is a word,

and can’t think of one,

a second, or a third.


Which of the many shall I choose,

to impart to you?

Just the one, never two.

Creativity that might be the one,

or inevitability,

though there is a certain inevitability

that it won’t be.


I know.

A short word,

easy of diction,

and lacking airs and graces;

useful in oh so many places.

Smile. The verb.

Use it, and then


The monkey puzzle tree and me

Q. The thing that’s puzzling me –

the being who is descended from a monkey,

who descended from a tree –

is, if a monkey puzzle tree

is supposed to grow a foot a year;

and I have had mine 15 years;

why, when I went out this morning,

how could it have run away?


A. Well, with fifteen feet,

it would probably have run away very quickly.

Yet another Thursday – revisited

It’s yet another Thursday;

well, as days go –

and they do –

it’s the only Thursday that matters

at this very moment.

I mean, when tomorrow (Friday)


today (Thursday)

will be condemned to the past – history –

and we will all have moved on.


Anyway, it’s this Thursday,

and that means…

well, it means different things

to different people,



Happy wet / dry / other Thursday;


hope it stretches itself to meet all your expectations –

if you have any –

expectations, that is –

about ‘this’ ‘current’ Thursday.

And here’s a Haiku

Especially for you –

I hope you like it.


What is Clobber?

An Australian thief passed by,

stole an ‘l’ –

‘G’day, Cobber!’

Manaña Banaña – #1LinerWednesday

See here for Linda’s prompts

A manaña banaña

might be better tomorrow

than it would be today;

but, when manaña comes

will that still be true?

Random Haiku

Made out of nothing;

formed from the silent ether,

and meaning little.


What is in a word,

or many various words?

How long is a while?


Questions need answers;

like a bicycle needs fish,

and clouds need a wish.

Pili Pala

Similar to a Tykki Duw,

a Pili Pala

is a Butterfly,

a Papillon,

a By-me-flew;

all colours, and patterned hues,

flitting and fluttering,

uttering soft hulloes.

(There’s just one place where I want to be, and that is) Kernow-by-the-Sea

There’s just one place

where I want to be

and that is Kernow

by the sea.


By the sea

upon the shore

I would stand there

for ever more.