‘Wonky Words’

Just to let you know that ‘Wonky Words’ is now available on Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon.

My latest (mainly poetry) poetry book, is raising funds for @TheSanctuaryAngels who provide Angel grants to sanctuaries, animal shelters (and the like) all around the world.

Almost 90 pieces of hand-crafted work are within. Some of my photographs, and a few of my drawings accompanying the words – but don’t let my artwork put you off.

Please check it out at Amazon, download a free sample, write me a letter of complaint, go for a walk, be your own best friend, hug a toy hippo (real ones are a bit large for hugging).

Here is the link: https://amzn.eu/d/gfAes71

Take care; but, most of all… take care.

“I’m not a complete idiot!”

‘No, I’m not a complete idiot…’

is what I say,

in reply to the question,

‘Are you a complete Idiot?’

‘And then I add,

‘… I have a few bits missing; so, not a complete idiot, am I?’

Paraphrasing from Shania,

‘This doesn’t impress them much’.

I will write Haiku

I will write Haiku;

and, more specifically,

ones that are this length.

Cactus Caucus

The Cacti had met

to sort out the Pros and Cons,

but mostly the Cons.

One Day

She said, ‘I’ll write that book…

one day.

It will say so much

that I want to say.

All my life has been the basis,

of thousands of words,

from a myriad places,

where once my feet did tread and pass,

tarmac roads, grass-grown paths;

and all I have to do is look,

and I can see the words there,

in that book…

… and I will write that book…

one day’.

Words from that very mushroom

Up an up, into the air, and up

much higher than the buttercup,

my face it wears a worried frown,

for what goes up, must come down.


I threw a mushroom in the air

I saw it land I know not where;

now these few words I have to share,

for they are truly beyond compare.

Sheeps in the night

We passed

like sheeps in the night,

exchanging no glances

with one another,

nor bartering comments within the dimming light;

then discounting other sheeps that passed us not,

as they never looked our way,

nor exchanged unspoken comments

with the hidden stars that shone not down

‘fore break of day.

There’s always a train

I’ve said it before,

and I’ll say it again,

that in every episode

there is always a train.

And a steam train, too,

of the time,

and, usually, irrelevant

to the crime.


.Why not take a look at my previous poem upon this theme.




coming at







hailstones from

the big












The Haiku

Choose a Haiku form

it is short and quite simple

and then go from there.


Below, for example

a poem that can make you think,

open eyes, and blink.


‘Walking in the woods’

Walking in the woods

more trees than most neighbourhoods:

here my mind will ease.