Banjo Writes a Haiku! #Haiku #Poem #Poetry #hashtag #getonwithit #WildFutures

Banjo, lovely capuchin at Wild Futures, Looe.

A Haiku! What fun!

I shall write one straight away –

Right… what do I do?


It’s Saturday!
(‘Oh, no!’ I hear you cry:

‘He’s going to do one of those ‘factual’ streamly-consciency type things! I must just lust after something else until he has finished.’)
Which is rather rude

And crude, lewd

And hardly to be

Therefore, I shall just say:

Have a lovely


A One-Legged Stool

You can’t sleep

On a one-legged stool;

No, you just can’t get

Any sleep at all;

Your eyes may close

As your dreams do call

But, you’ll topple sideways

And may even fall –

For you just can’t sleep 

On a one-legged stool.

I’m just looking at the world through the broken wing-mirror of a burned-out scooter.

I’m just looking at the world through the broken wing-mirror of a burned-out scooter.
And all I see 

Are people

Crazy like me.

Wise words (or swords?)

Ken Bryan Photography

A word in your earIs better than a sword.

7/11 poetry that doesn’t rhyme – and isn’t poetry.

It was when they raised the barThat I considered ‘limbo’ as an option.

6 years ago I found WordPress…

I may have come a long way

Or just a hop, skip and a jump

From then.

But, it has been fun.

A few poems, some dialogues, a little blogging, oddities and some random pieces – thank you for being there with me.
Take care and keep writing
The world needs us.