The Popplejawvians

There is a place no larger than a stamp, albeit a very large stamp, where many a Popplejaw lives.

And, no, don’t ask me what a Popplejaw is, for I just don’t know.

Anyway, the Popplejaws do live there in peace and perfect harmony, and have done so for many, many millenia.

PoppleJawvia (which is what the Popplejawvian’s call it) is their home; and, yet, they are preparing to leave it.



Organ – Linda G Hill’s SoCS Challenge.

Organ – See here for details

Originally, green onions never overcame a noxious greenhouse gas named ’Ollie’.

Generations after ’Ollie’ all gained a new and gargantuan outlook on Onionoc reproduction.

Other genetic occurrences are now observed and notated at rare areas along a rarified genome rift – albeit never on graduated arenas – necessitating outlandish operatic nomenclature near as nanotechnology allows.

Nevertheless, Newton noted a growing reputation amongst gravitational gulleys resembling gigantic rattling and nervousness.

Nietsche (not Gertrude Nietsche) and Napoleon never argued about Neutronics – not generally, anyway. Nelson always grew a greengage at alarming rates – Nelson always could.

Nowadays groupies are growing nectar and all grasshoppers greedily reap a reward about November.

Nightly, and rarely on Green ostriches, gulls abscond and alleviate aggresions at* acadamic rates.

*my 10-minute alarm went off here.

Organ – Linda G Hill’s SoCS

Linda’s Info Here

Organ SoCS – Linda G Hill

Organic, manic mechanic,

other words ending in ’ick’ (sic)

What should I write to explain my panic?

I know not what – so far utter butter nutter rot – carrot!?

No. I really should pen something sensible, comprehensible, defensible.

I should… but, is that likely?

Not gonna happen.

Okay, Organ is the prompt,

And I won’t rest until I’be got that prompt whomped!

I had to get that rhyme in,

And I did just in time,

Due to my perfect timin’

Or my lack of thingy.

I say ’thingy’ because I can’t recall the word I wanted;

It wouldn’t come to mind,

I vouldn’t find it

at all

No way


I’all remember it later,

when it’s too late to matter,

batter, fatter, hatter…

now, it’s just silly, Billy.

If that is your name?

Which it probably isn’t.

Though if it is – go me!

To a nunnery?

Mayhaps not. though the idea does have some credibility, ability, fragility, senility, finality to this banality… isn’t the 10-minutes up yet? Did I set the timer properly.?

And why haven’t I mentioned ’Organ’ more?

Well, perhaps it’s because I am planning poor. Or things have gone awry, astray, doo-lally, today.

I will just have to stop here and now as my 10 minute*s is most definitely up!

*10-Minutes alarm here!

Summer Haiku

Summer Haiku

Sun is in the sky,

Unmissable days are here,

Maybe get a tan.

My heart is lifted,

Each and every moment,

Rich is my future.

A Haiku in Time

A Haiku in Time

One second, the next,

then a third, fourth and fifth one –

the Haiku is writ.

But, you’re not happy?

One Haiku is not enough

So, how about two?

No? You want one more?

I can write you another;

but, I won’t do four.

Mowzul – the little field mouse.

Mowzul, the little field mouse, lived in a little field – although it seemed extremely big to him. What would he have thought if he had lived in a really big field?

Well, one night, whilst Mowzul was scurrying about in his field, he was caught by a huge tortoiseshell cat, called Rosie (though he didn’t know that was the name that the humans had given her) and she took him back to her home. Luckily for Mowzul he was rescued from Rosie’s jaws and placed inside a little mouse house where, after a while, he felt quite happy.

There was a wheel.

It went round and round and round – when Mowzul made it do so.

The Old Stag and an Old Tooth (Part 3).

An Old Tooth

Later that day, Jeremiah Makepeace, Sidley-Balderton and Sons’ amateur archaeology expert came to the conclusion that ’It’s a tooth… an old tooth… a very old tooth… and nothing but the tooth – and that is the truth! Haha!”

Lamp was less than stunned by this strangely spoken revelation, so she took the tooth to the Natural History Museum where it looked considerably like the one in the Sabre-Tooth Tiger’s snarling jaws.

Lamp was about to start on a journey of discovery that was something she could get her teeth into.