“Shall we go Parranda, Miranda?”

“Shall we go Parranda, Miranda?”

“Shall we go Parranda, Miranda?”

asked Prospero, with a wry smile.

“Father, you are all a lather,

if you think we can spend a while

in doing so. The answer, it is, ‘No!’ “

Scarecrows in Fields

If I ‘start’ talking to scarecrows in fields,

then I may have just lost it;

however, if I just ‘continue’ talking to the scarecrows in fields…

… as I have done for many years…

who’s to say that I have become mad?

Company Bee

The bees do keep me company,

whilst I potter in the garden;

they bimble about,

as do I,

and when we meet,

it’s, ‘I beg your pardon.’

and we both bimble on

as before.

Rusty the Dog

My dog’s Rusty,

I left him out last night,

there was a brief rain shower,

he used to be

just black and white.

Bees – and which bee they be.

There was this bee

identification chart

showing what was a bee

and what was another bee

(it didn’t show what was not a bee,


it gave me ten examples

of what bee it was

when a bee I did see –

all very useful to a D like me.

So, next time I am in the garden,

doing a bit of D I Me,

and I see a bee,

I shall be grabbing desperately

for my chart to see,

what is the name of the bee

that is currently bothering me.

The Incredible Shrinking Poem

Starting off being quite lengthy,

the lines diminish quite soon;

syllable reduction

is no seduction,,

but a sorrow

that hits you,

then it’s…


Lockdown Rap – #PureNonsense

Lockdown shockdown

Breakdown shakedown

Fake crown – hat!

Lookdown shookdown

Makefrown takedown

Wakedown – cat!

Boreddown nowfrown

lookdown sockdown

clowndown – that!

Happy Ever Laughter

‘Once upon a time’

to ‘happy ever laughter’:

from start to the end.