A Poem for the Day After World Poetry Day

A Poem for the Day After World Poetry Day (TDAWPD)
Yesterday was WPD

And I wrote a poem (or three)

Today is the day after WPD

And I wrote a poem (or three)

Tomorrow will be the day after the day after WPD

And I shall write a poem (or three)

Or four.

Every day is My Poetry Day

And on every MPD I shall write a poem

(Or three)

Or more.

To All The Poets In All The World

A proper poem for World Poetry Day, 2017.
The World is a vast unfathomable place,

Wherein I find a morsel, a trace, 

Of sensibility.
On occasions, I learn of foreign lands

Through words and thoughts from poets’ hands;

These images are free.
Many footsteps have I taken

Upon literal roads,

And ‘awaken’ I have been to where humble abodes

Do await the thought of me.
It is only through my wondering

That, wandering, I shall encounter the gracious climbs

That physically are not mine to be.

A thought from me on…

All the world’s a poetry stage! There, I said it; although I think that somebody else may have said it before; but maybe slightly differently – a poet perhaps; although his name forgets me at this moment.

World Poetry Day is today!

A poem?

For World Poetry Day?

It’s ‘today?’

I usually write my best poetry in May;

And, some may say, my worst, too.

But, I have nothing to write about!

Or upon!

What shall I have written when WPD has gone?



Skippy: Tchhiichhhnanxhhichh! (He says ‘It’s World Poetry Day, Today)

Skippy: chhiccccchiichhh!
What’s that, Skippy; today is International ‘Talk Like Skippy’ Day?
Skippy; Tchhhiichhchhhhhh!
You can make up any old international day that you like?
Skippy: Tchzhhhich hchiihhhchh!
Well, just imagine. I could say that today was World Poetry Day. Wouldn’t that be a beaut?
Skippy: Ttchhhcich!
Oh, it ‘is’ World Poetry Day, today. Well, I’ll be.
Skippy: Tchhchxhiiiiiivhhhvsahhxchh!
And that was your poem? Bonsa! But, what does it mean?
Skippy: Tchhhgddhhhhhch!
Ah! Spring has sprung, boing!!!! Ripper, Skips. Happy World Poetry Day indeed.

I am watching them watching them

I’m watching people 


Watching them,

Watching ‘them’

And watching what the people watching people-watchers is what I do.

I am, when all is seen and done,

a people-watching people people-watcher.

‘Nonsense is a strange thing,’ I declare.

“How is it fair

That car-share
Can lead to

Out and out warfare

‘There, there, take care.’

Don’t be like a sore bear

With a head

Or, instead,

A bear with a sorbet.
What? ‘That makes no sense!’ you say?
Okay, you tell me how time-share is a means for de-spair!
And I shall use flair

And savoir-fair

When I choose new underwear

So there!”