Board With Games


You have to play Monopoly properly

Or not at all.

It may take weeks to go from start to finish through ‘Go!’

And you may spend a large amount of time in Jail if you are unlucky and don’t have a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card when you need it.

Personally, I prefer Cluedo
Don’t you?

Signed Professor Glum

Today’s Weather (Southern England)


Wednesday, weak;
A little under the weather
And whether that will improve as the day goes on…
Who knows?

It’s a milder day, calm;
Maybe it will stay that way
Although the rains may come
And they may come to stay
But, I hope that they don’t find me today.

Quiet, peaceful, calm…
Before the storm
It probably won’t last
As is the norm
And later we shall see the raindrops falling
And the temperatures dropping
As Winter starts calling
Out for us all to attend
Hurry, up Spring
Are you just around the bend?

Under the Mistletoe?

Here I stand under the Mistle Thrush
Waiting for a kiss
But, all I get are Mistle Thrush droppings
For which I did not wish.

Upon my own head be it
And let me wear the badge
Of a fool who misread the instructions
And received the Mistle Thrush splodge



Here I am
In the here and now
And I’m just about to write
‘How now brown cow’
See! I did!
Gee whizz! Wow!

But that was then
And this is now
And why would I write
About an old brown cow?
I don’t know how
I have no nohow
No way, Hosé
Or José
(Written differently
But pronounced the same way).

So, here I am
In the now and here
And now and then
Strange thoughts appear
Inside my head
And I write them down
And they make me think
And they make me frown
And perhaps asking a cow
Is the least of my worries.

New Old Toy For a City Boy!

Round and round
And listen to that sound
A 45 from 39 years ago
Playing for 3 minutes
Hey! Groovy grooves
And the stylus moves
Without jumping
The beat is thumping
And City Boy
Sing for me once more.

Thank you, Jane


When it comes to…


When it comes to subtle…
I do ‘stubble’
Which is close
For me.

When it comes to the crunch…
There is no such thing as a free lunch
For anybody
Or so they say.

When it comes to push
Or shove
I usually get it wrong
And vice verse.

Writing a poem just for the sake of writing a poem.

imageWriting a poem just for the sake of writing a poem.


It has to rhyme
It has to
Otherwise it’s prose
And we don’t want that
Do we?

It must be in a proper poetical form
Like a sonnet
Or a Villanelle
Or the like
As that makes it structurally sound.

It must be fresh
And sharp
And not too long
As those long, long poems
That go on and on
And on
Are just too much.

It should be original;
But, most words have been used before
So, create a few new numblings
For the occasionment.

You know you want to…

So, do it.