She could have been talking for England; in fact, she may have thought she was. Sat at a table for four, hers was the only voice. On and on and on it went; upon every subject that sprang to her mind; linked together by unknown chains and at a volume to emphasise. If there were any other opinions voiced, they were short and silenced to allow the flow to continue on and on and on and onto another subject: gold-diggers; Spain; Life on Mars, or the like – I tried to tune out… I tried. And it was either her or me – and, so, I left her to her Olympic training, Word record attempt, or her sponsored yappathon.
The peace when it returned was a relief.
I pray our paths never cross again – she’ll probably still be waffling on and on.


‘In Cornwall’ Haikus

The view from a bench / In our hamlet, Merrymeet / at the crack of dawn.


In Cornwall, at dawn,

There is a sense of calmness

That you just breath in.



In black and in white;

Taken as the day began

And the night ended.

“Shakespeare!” “Who?”

I say ‘Shakespeare!’

And you say ‘Who?’
I say ‘Shakespeare!’

And you say ‘Who?’
And that’s the way of the world!
(That’s Congreve!)
What? Who?
(‘The Way of the World’ a play by William Congreve (1670-1729) Restoration playwright and poet; whose comedy of manners and satirical writings were very popular at the time).
Oh, I think I need a doctor
(Doctor Who!)
Oh! Good grief!

The Holy Hat

Pope Brad I (in a holy hat)

A drill would be useful

A drill would be good

A drill would be handy

For drilling… 


But, better still

Than that…

I need to drill

A hole in my hat

For the whole world to see

Or ‘the hole-world’

It’s a play on words

Do ‘you‘ see?
And, unlike the eunuch of Munich

I shall stand here

Proudly erecting

A statue to holy hats the world over.

For What It’s Worth

For What It’s Worth https://g.co/kgs/Xy2ejW
For What It’s Worth
Save the planet

Save the Earth

Save it now

For what it’s worth.
A laugh is precious 

A laugh is mirth

Laugh while you have the time

And for all you’re worth.
Travel the surface

From Polar caps to Perth

Then join all the peoples together

They have such worth.
And, for what it’s worth

The Planet Earth

Gave you birth

So show your worth.

Prose Nose Best!

Hiding poetry in prose is not that easy, or maybe it is.
There once was a man from Kildare who had pink trousers and yellow hair; he also had green boots, played seven flutes;

And upon occasion was heard to swear.
However it’s done; there’s an element of chance that you’ll be spotted – that’s unless you are a dog

Who already has the spots.

“Capital Show!”

Pop Muzik https://g.co/kgs/PthsQf
Me: New York



Everybody talk about…
A tunic.

Lady in Audience: No, that’s just being silly.
Just plain silly.
In fact, it’s being ‘very’ silly.
How can you have three Capital cities – from the song ‘Pop Muzik’ by the seventies group M – and then exchange the fourth (Munich) for Runic?
And then to rhyme it with ‘tunic’!
I’m surprised you didn’t go on to mention the ‘Punic Wars’!
Oh, you were going to!
How silly, indeed!
Anyway, please continue!